The new Smoktech TFV12's are in and if you are a serious cloud chaser you want to make sure one of these are in you arsenal. This beast is capable of firing up to 350 Watts, delivering some of the thickest clouds you have seen. Check it out, available in all different colors.

Aspire Cleito 120 is in, for all you cloud chasers who want a sub ohm tank that will let you run into the 100 watt plus range.

Bomb Sauce is in!

Alien Piss - Blue raspberry lemonade

Alien Piss 2 - Strawberry lemonade

Fear The Rainbow - Amazing, taste like those little candies we love so much

30ml options, available in 0,3,6,12mg  

ANML has done it again with four new flavors. Comes in 60ml bottles giving you more bang for your buck. 

Beast- Creamy banana pudding

Grizzly- Chocolate chip cookie in fresh milk

Reaver- Strawberries, pineapple and coconut

Thrasher- Peach and a cream gummy candy

The Order Is In, and should have stock this week.

Do not forget us when considering a new dry vape, we keep only high quality dry vapes in stock, and priced to sell.

Check here in future for updates

The Smok Mico TFV8 Baby Beast is in. With different color options to chose from, this 3ml tank is a great addition to your setup.This tank produces great flavor and can make some nice thick clouds. Priced to sell you will be happy with this on your device.  

The touch screens are in, the Joyetech Ocualar with a 1.68 inch display with features like step counter, media and photo storage. This Dual Battery 150w TC Mod with upgradable firmware is a one and done device.

Also the Smok G-Priv Is showing off with it's 220w always nice sqeeze trigger design, with a very easy to use interface, and much more. This one is a keeper.


SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast is now in stock, in either Black or Stainless

This Cloud maker can fill the room with ease

Now in stock, this new ejuice offers you four amazing flavors. Amazing Mango, Green Blast, Lava Flow and Hawaiian Pog. Comes in 60ml bottles at a great value.

The Sigelei Fuchai 213 is capable of outputting up to 213 watt, supports temperature control with 3 different types of stainless steel, and utilizes Sigelei’s most advanced chipset! It also includes Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) and Temperature Factor or Resistivity. TCR and TCF can be used to adjust the resistance and temperature of different wires allowing for further customization. The famous preheat setting is also available on the Fuchai 213! Preheat allows you to set wattage for a specific period of time which can increase or decrease ramp up time depending on how you utilize it! Factor in the massive wattage output, temperature control, sleek design, and you have yourself one of the most sophisticated yet affordable devices on the market!Type your paragraph here.

We have been doing our best to keep these monster devices in stock for you. This 220w  kit really packs a punch, Includes the smok babybeast tank, this setup really is one of the best all in one setups you can get for the money.

The Smok AL85 is the latest and greatest for a compact kit, with a base mod capable of up to 85w on a single 18650 battery and using the so popular baby beast tank this mod is everything you need .