• Aqua
  • Blue Bird
  • Basix Series
  • Candy King
  • Cuttwood 
  • Dinner Lady
  • Hometown Hero
  • Hard Menthol
  • Illusions
  • Naked 
  • Pacha Mama
  • Squeezee
  • Suicide Bunny
  • Twist


Candy King

  • Gush-A blast of fruity flavor
  • Swedish Fish-Sweetest Fish Candy 
  • Pink Squares-Your favorite pink, chewy, square candy. Blasting with flavor
  • Peachy Rings-An out of this world spot on peach ring gummy candy!


  • Tobacco Trail-Mild Sweet Tobacco w/ Hint of Honey
  • Manic Mint-Ice Cold Peppermint


  • Lava Flow-Strawberry x Coconut x Pineapple
  • Hawaiian POG-Passion Fruit x Orange x Guava
  • Amazing Mango-Mango x Peach x Cream
  • Maui Sun-Passion Fruit x Orange x Guava
  • All Melon-Watermelon x Honeydew Melon x Cantaloupe
  • Peachy Peach-Peach x Apricot x Nectarine

Hometown Hero

  • Angel's Breath-a cool, refreshing watermelon inhale with sweet berries and coconut on the exhale. This menthol version of Angel Tears is the all-day vape for many who previously claimed to hate menthol.
  • Angel's Tears-Angel Tears eliquid by Hometown Hero was created as a homage  to the snow cone flavor, Tiger’s Blood.
  • Wild Buffalo-Wild Buffalo is Hometown Hero’s old fashioned craft root beer with vanilla bean ice cream ejuice flavor.
  • Crunchy-Formerly known as Crispy Treats eliquid by Hometown Hero is as close you can get to inhaling a tray of gooey breakfast treats.
  • Ambrosia-This flavor is as unique as they come. You will be blown away by how wonderful this tastes and how different it is from anything else you have ever vaped.
  • Red Dream-We have always been in love with the strawberry cream and kettle corn sold in bags at shopping malls all over the US. This flavor is dedicated to that mouth watering flavor.

Hard Menthol

  • ​​When you need a hit to calm you down during a long day, a minty blend makes a great choice.